9:00 AM Sunday Break Worship service is meeting in person, as well as live-streaming online.  No reservations are necessary.  Masks must be worn and social distance maintained.

11:00 AM Traditional Worship service service is meeting in person, as well as live-streaming online.  No reservations are necessary.  Masks must be worn and social distance maintained.

As always, links to both services each Sunday can be found:

  • in the weekly newsletter
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  • on pennyanumc.com at the links above for each service time

Whenever possible, all Sunday School, meetings, and groups will meet by Zoom through the month of March.

15 Days of Living Prayer for Our Church

As we explore LIVING PRAYER this spring, here is guide inspired by the Apostle Paul’s prayer in Philippians 1.  Let’s see our prayers blossom and grow!

Begin each time of prayer by reading Philippians chapter 1:1-11.  Look up the other verses mentioned in each day’s prayer as well.

Saturday 5/1 – Ask God to fill each person who is a part of PYUMC with overflowing

love (Phil 1:9).  May loving God and loving our neighbors be what we are known for.

Sunday 5/2 – Thank God for the gift of love that “bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things” and “never ends” (1 Cor 13:7-8). 

Monday 5/3 – Ask God to give us a love that makes us humble, flexible, and grateful (1 Cor 13:4-6).

Tuesday 5/4 – Ask God to fill the people of our church with great knowledge and a depth of insight that can only come from God (Phil 1:9).  May that insight guide us as we live into the future together as PYUMC. 

Wednesday 5/5 – Today pray that God’s love will be so active in our church that we would each be filled with God’s wisdom, so that we will not only be able to understand how to live, but have the power to do it (Phil 1:10).

Thursday 5/6 – Ask God to purify us, so that we can live lives Jesus is proud of (Phil 1:10).

Friday 5/7 – Thank God for his promise that he will come again and make all things new.  Ask God to help us be ready (Phil 1:10). Come quickly, Lord Jesus!

Saturday 5/8 – Ask God to make us a fruitful church (Phil 1:11).  May there be many, many people who come to know, love, and follow Jesus through PYUMC.

Sunday 5/9 – In your mind, look around at the people you see when we gather as a church.  Bring to mind specific faces.  Thank God for drawing each one of them to himself.  Pray that they will sense God’s presence today in a powerful way.  Ask God to make them fruitful today.

Monday 5/10 – Ask God to bring to mind a neighbor, friend, or family member who is not connected to Jesus and not connected to a church.  Ask God to open a door for you to share the Good News (Eph 6:19-20).

Tuesday 5/11 – Ask God to use the people of our church like a mirror that reflects glory onto God, not onto ourselves (Phil 1:11).  May our neighbors see how wonderful Jesus is through how we live.

Wednesday 5/12 – Ask God for the gift of awe and wonder.  May a great sense of God’s holiness fall upon us.  May we be so in awe of the glory of God (Phil 1:11), all our own agendas seem small in comparison.

Thursday 5/13 – Thank God that he is using our church to produce a “harvest of righteousness that comes through Jesus Christ for the glory and praise of God” (Phil 1:11).   Ask God to make us servants with willing hearts.

Friday 5/14 – Praise God (Phil 1:11) today for who God is.  Name some specific things about God that you want to give praise for.

Saturday 5/15 – Ask God to make us a courageous church who faces the future with joy, energy, and self-sacrifice that comes from walking hand-in-hand with the Almighty God. 


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