Covid-19 Guidelines

It is with great joy that we are having in-person Worship on Sunday.  Plans are being made for when other practices vital to our church and community will be able to be resumed.  Please read carefully the following information and guidelines which have been established so you know what to expect for Sunday service.

  • We will hold Worship services at 9:00 in Fellowship Hall and 11:00 in the Sanctuary.
  • Both services will be on Facebook and the website live, as well as taped and posted for those who cannot attend in person.
  • Please plan on arriving no earlier than 15 minutes before the services starts.  Wait in your car until you see the doors to the church open.  Maintain a distance of 6 feet from other families as you enter the church.  Please put on your mask in the parking lot.
  • Before entering the church you will see a sign that poses the COVID-19 questions.  If you answer ‘Yes’ to any of these questions, we ask that you not enter the church and worship from home.

In the Last 14 days have you:

Tested Positive for COVID-19?

Had COVID-19 symptoms?

Had close contact with someone with COVID-19?

  • Wearing a mask that covers your nose and mouth will be mandatory to enter the church and must continue to be worn the entire time you are in the building, as well as any other time you cannot maintain a distance of 6 feet from others.
  • There will be hand sanitizer available as you enter the church, and we ask that you sanitize your hands as you enter, and again as you leave the church.
  • We need to keep track of everyone who attends, for potential tracing purposes. Please give your name to the Usher upon entry so they can check your attendance on the log.
  • The Nursery will not be open, and there will be no in-person Sunday school for children or adults. Children over the age of 2 will need to wear a mask and must stay with their families at all times.
  • If you have any Joys or Prayer requests, you can email them to Pastor Kristen or the church office prior to each week’s service, or there will be someone at the entrance to Fellowship Hall with a card you can fill out. These will be handed to Pastor Kristen prior to the service.
  • If you are included in the at-risk population, are immuno-compromised, cannot wear a mask for extended periods, work in essential services such as health care or skilled nursing facilities, or do not feel comfortable attending in-person, please continue to shelter in place and engage with the online service at this time.
  • Family units will be seated together, and we will maintain a distance of 6 feet apart.  This means that most likely you will not be able to sit in your regular spot.  We appreciate your understanding and flexibility.
  • While there will be music at worship, any musicians or readers will be at least 6 feet from anyone else.  We know that not being able to sing at this time is hard, you may hum along to any songs or hymns, but we will not have any congregational singing.
  • The Men’s & Ladies Restrooms downstairs will be available for use during or after the service along with the restrooms located off Peek Chapel.
  • We will not be passing the offering basket.  There will be an Offering Basket located at the entrance & exit of each service area to put your offering. We encourage EFT, please contact Marilyn Pinneo, 315-694-0084, for help in setting up this option if you choose.
  • There will be no food or beverages provided before or after service, and none may be brought in with you (Personal cup/Dunkin).  No socializing after service will be allowed in the building.
  • Ushers will release each row one at a time at the end of the service to allow for every family to exit the church and maintain a distance of 6 feet apart.
  • Significant measures have been taken to clean and sanitize the areas we will be using and they will be cleaned and sanitized after each service.  All other areas of the church are closed for now.
  • All hymnals, Bibles, pens, envelopes etc…have been removed from the worship area.

Please know that we realize and have considered how difficult this is and how awkward it may feel.  The good news is that this won’t last forever, and that God is with us every step of the way, as we all work to ensure the health and safety of everyone who enters our doors.


What if I don’t have a mask? – Let the Greeter know, and one will be provided to you.

What if I don’t want to or can’t wear a mask over my nose and mouth? – Then we lovingly ask you to continue to worship from home online.

What is coming in the next phase? – Provided the spread of the virus continues to be low or  continues to reduce we are planning on adding other services and aspects of worship gradually.  For Communion we are ordering single packets for the elements that will be passed out to each person on the first Sunday of the month.

What about the Community Dinner? – Our dinner has been successfully held as drive through/take-out for the past few months and will continue as such until further notice.  They are still the second and last Tuesday of the month at 4:30pm.

Thank you for your consideration and cooperation during this transitioning time.

For other questions, please reach out to a member of the Re-opening Task Force: Pastor Kristen Allen, Carolyn Benedict, Lisa Berna, Mary Davis, Bob Flanagan, Rodger Francis, Jan Hafner, and Linda & Jerry Snyder

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